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MemeShare Overview

Highest MemeShare Scores

Note that this price is sourced from select markets and is not real-time.
MemeMeStocks monitors Twitter to count the number of mentions of each stock. The score is calculated from the number of tweets mentioning the stock, in relation to historical tweet numbers of this and comparable assets.
MemeMeStocks monitors the WallStreetBets subreddit on Reddit. This score is calculated from the number of mentions, relative to other stocks and historical data.
MemeShare is a score to measure the social media activity of a stock, created by monitoring Twitter and Reddit.
Higher score = more activity.
The number of tweets per hour that refer to the company or stock symbol. Please note that the precision of these numbers depends on the company's name and its stocker symbol. Companies using common English words such as company name or symbol, like WISH, are hard to monitor, and their numbers may be misleading.
MemeMeStocks retrieves the front page articles and top comments of the WallStreetBets subreddit every hour. Then it counts the number of articles and comments that mention this company name or stock symbol.
The Price-to-Earnings ratio, short P/E ratio, measures the current price per share to the earnings per share. Stocks with a high P/E ratio may be over-priced. Or they just have a lot of potential.
The typical P/E ratio is about 15.
A P/E ratio can also be negative if the company had net losses in the last year.